Do you know that you don’t need anyone to empower you? That’s right you -all by yourself are as powerful as you can be. It is only through your own awareness of it that you begin to utilize it! Think of it like strengthening a muscle. Working out doesn’t give you new muscles- it builds upon what is already there.

Following the afore mentioned body building model. One key piece is to be aware how you might be weakening yourself Drawing the parallel to slouching and poor posture. Practicing corrective awareness is one way to be in a position of strength. You don’t have to change everything right away. Take comfortable steps, make note of and begin to make changes.

Many of my readers may be under the false impression that by being on top of everything they are in fact in control. That energy leak is like a faucet left wide open. Why-because every detail is drawing your attention. Any little thing that isn’t exactly as you think it should be can easily send you into a tailspin. Worst of all, it’s exhausting and exasperating!

I can hear all the Type A personalities out there grumbling with certainty that the world, as we know it will fall apart at the seams if not kept under close wraps. Can anyone be in control or have power over a thing when they are actually the slave to the details?

Further more don’t events and fantastic moments in life sometimes come together unexpectedly and completely unplanned? I sometimes wonder if we ourselves aren’t responsible for creating little brush fires, fanning the flames and then run around screaming ‘Fire! Help! Fire!’ Taking time later to admire the efficiency in which we put the fire(s) out. What if things don’t have to be hard?  Is it possible that a square peg really isn’t supposed to go into the round hole?

I can’t tell you the number of times I (a recovering Type A personality) had an event date or time change from what had been  scheduled.  I found myself in the position of forcing it back into the original time frame. More often than not,  other details of that event would start pointing towards that 2nd time frame that I had with great effort eliminated.  Then I remind myself the most important thing I know: Every second of everyday the Universe is conspiring in my favor. It never fails. Often it’s only in hindsight that I can see it but it’s always true.

What if the next time you see an opportunity to wrestle a situation to the ground and force it to succumb to your will, you just stop. Stop and breathe. Ask yourself these questions. Is it important because it’s not what I planned? In the big scheme of things, does it really matter? What am I not seeing here that would make the new scenario a better fit?

Then give yourself a good amount of time (maybe a minute, and hour or a day or two- must be scaled to your situation) to wait and see if other things also shift into the other direction.

Be open to change. As great as you are (Yes, you are!) there are other energies at work and they have a far better view of things than you do. Besides, you’ll have less headaches, backaches and need to self medicate. You will begin to strengthen this muscle group too!  Practice, practice, practice! Be sure to comment and share you experience with trying to be in control of everything. Be on the lookout for parts 2 and 3 coming up next

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