This is a question the majority of people rarely ask themselves. However, it is a question that can lead us to take the higher road and create a life filled with joy, more love and certainly a better quality of life. Living to your fullest potential means you are through settling.

How often do you respond to the ‘How are you?’ question with okay or good? When was the last time you told someone you were great and that everything in your life was working out perfectly? When was the last time someone responded to your inquiry with that much enthusiasm? If you’re reading this blog you are probably ready to make the leap to the kind of life where you are answering eagerly and telling people why your life is so great.

To have, be or experience more-you have to be willing to give things up. Are you willing to let go of some of the habits that go along with living a good life?  Look at the list of items listed below to see some of what it takes.

  • Give up making excuses
  • Take full responsibility for where you are now
  • Stop settling for okay or good (they are the enemy of great and fabulous)
  • Demand more for yourself and of yourself
  • Ask yourself questions designed to evoke more (inspiration, thought, ideas, etc)
  • Make friends with discomfort, let it be your new normal

Taking just these few steps towards change can flip your life quite quickly when practiced in earnest. At one time or another most of us have made excuses for why we can’t have what we want or why we shouldn’t try something new. But those limit the individual. It’s as if we are convincing ourselves of a truth that doesn’t exist and then reinforce it by backing it up with untruths. The reality is that if someone else can do it so can you. Nick Vujicic is a perfect example a man born with all the excuses one could ever have. He has no arms and no legs but hasn’t let that stop him from having the life of his dreams!

When we don’t take responsibility for where we are in our own lives we are blaming other people, circumstances or events. Blame makes you a victim in life and therefore powerless to change it. After all, how can you change something that you have no control over? You can’t have it both ways and yet you are always in control of how you react to a situation. Even when you relinquish that control you still have it. Reaction or choosing how to act towards a situation speaks so loudly of a situation that it can affect the outcome of it. A perfect example is driving in the slippery snow. The snow is there one way or another- it is the speed and manner of your driving that brings your results.

When you settle for okay or just good you don’t aspire to more. You end up settling for good enough. You are deserving of much more than that. It’s my belief that you were born for the purpose of being more than okay. If you are not demanding more of yourself for yourself then who will? Throughout my adult life I’ve heard people talk about their destiny or off handedly say, if it’s meant to be it’ll happen. How disempowering are those ideas and statements? When was the last time you heard of a lotto ticket winner that didn’t ever buy a ticket?  You are the most important part of the equation.  It’s up to you to raise or lower the bar for your life.

The questions you ask yourself can lead you forward or backwards. We all ask ourselves (or the powers that be) questions, even if we don’t realize it. Our questions can be motivational, how can I live to my fullest potential? Or disempowering, why does this always happen to me? Clearly one question is designed towards growth and the other towards stasis. According to many of today’s thought leaders there is no stasis only forward or backward movement in life. Keeping that idea in mind then the last example would be regression, in any event far from where anyone aspires to be.

What is wrong with not being comfortable? Have you ever thought about that? Excitement isn’t really a comfortable feeling. Often you can’t sit still, your stomach might be acting excited too and/or you might be breathing differently. These things aren’t ‘normal’ which is usually where our comfort level is. Yet, some of the most amazing experiences we will ever have happen when we are excited and out of our comfort zones! Knowing that there is so much to be gained by being uncomfortable perhaps it’s time to make being uncomfortable your friend.

I invite you to try some or all of the examples I shared with you. Perhaps you have some of your own as well. Please share them with me and the other readers. Let me know how it worked for you. What changed in your experiences after implementing each step? Comment on the blog or write to me privately.

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