There are various things we desire to have in our lives. It may be a great relationship or a better job or more money. The ambitions change from person to person. What is your ‘thing’? What are you doing towards the attainment of it? Even more important, what are you doing to keep yourself from having it?

I recently became aware that although I consciously wanted to increase the size of a group I facilitate, I was subconsciously sabotaging myself in the realization of my aspiration. I was failing to take certain steps that would increase the level of participation. I had many excuses and reasons for only going so far towards my goal. Mainly, I just couldn’t see the other opportunities. The only way to perceive them was to step out of my comfort zone.

We all have unwritten rules that often lay dormant and hidden below the surface until we are forced to go above and beyond. Our success with any particular area is often just beyond our comfort zone.  Trying a new approach or tackling a ‘problem’ from a different angle is a necessity in order to gain headway with it. That old saying,” when you do what you’ve always done you will be where you’ve always been” succinctly points out that a change in behavior, thought and vision is required.

If you want change, then you must be willing to change! Words and actions must be in alignment. Further more, who you are being must also be congruent with both your words and actions.  At one time or another you’ve seen that child that was forced to apologize to another person when they didn’t want to. Their words were as they should be and they shared or gave back what they had taken but there was no remorse. If there was an emotion visible it was anger towards the person they were apologizing to as well as the parent making them apologize. It’s evident to everyone witnessing the exchange that the child doesn’t mean what he or she is saying. What aren’t you willing to do to acquire what your heart desires? Where are you coming up short? On a subconscious level whatever you aren’t willing to do is trying to protect you. What are you protecting yourself from?

Are you willing to put yourself out there? Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable? In order to grow my group I had to become a more public figure, make myself seen in the general public eye. It was uncomfortable and a bit scary. Doing so would leave me more open to the criticism and judgment of others. I had to remind myself of some important details such as, who someone chooses to be is reflective of them, not me and if I’ve chosen to be a coach to help people connect with their own true source of power (themselves) I cannot do my work to the best of my ability until I step into that power myself. Stepping into the powerful woman that I am doesn’t include shying away from other people’s opinions or going small so that I can stay safe. Lastly, safety and success do not go hand in hand, the most common adjective for successful is wildly not safely.

I’d love to hear how you are freeing yourself in order to achieve your dreams. Please comment to share your story, set up a discovery session  to see how I can help you move beyond your realm of comfort or contact me privately if you prefer.

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