At what point do you decide to put your desires on hold, to quit on your dreams. We all have a point where we are tempted to stop. For some it may be not feeling well, being tired or a situation that comes up and takes our time and our energy and sometimes money as well. You may have noticed that you get to a certain point where you feel as if you’re making headway towards your goal and something always comes up that stops you in your tracks.

You may also have noticed that it’s hardest when you are changing something that upgrades your life in some way and challenges the status quo of who you have been being. In other words you a breaking a limiting belief about you. These are the challenges that cause you to have significant growth when you break through!

I don’t suggest that the events or situations are imagined. I do invite you to ask yourself how you would deal with them in other circumstances. Many people are searching for partners and yet when everything doesn’t fall together smoothly they may back out completely and say it wasn’t meant to be without even giving it a chance. If your car broke down when you were on your way to work or you got stuck in traffic would you decide that the job really isn’t meant for you? Would you just quit right then and there? Yet, the same circumstances are often interpreted as a sign to pass on a date or an outing. You make an unconscious agreement to keep things as they are, unchanged.

It seems that when we are working towards a desire that common life events take on a deeper meaning than they would otherwise. When I was focusing my energy and efforts on getting my new Audi. I saw the signs of confirmation all around me. In the end I had to make myself jump a big hurdle of self-doubt and fear to get my beautiful new car within the parameters I had set.  If I had let that insecurity win out I wouldn’t have gotten the car.

When I initially decided on my new car I decided how much it would cost me out of pocket. That was the biggest concern for me. I had already found the exact car that I wanted. I test drove it and had decided on it but everything hinged on selling my then current vehicle at the set price. It wasn’t happening. What was even more concerning was that no one was even making an offer! I was frustrated and getting worried that it would never happen. These were my everyday fears compounding from one day to the next. Until, I finally took a leap of faith and bought the car anyway. I told myself the money would work itself out and it miraculously did. I received a call very early in the morning that there had been an accident and my vehicle was totaled. I was given its full book value, state sales tax and car rental fees. I had never imagined a scenario such as this one.

One thing is for sure, I had plenty of cause to quit to give up on what I wanted. If I had I never would have gotten to see how wonderfully it all unfolded and I would have reconfirmed that I really wasn’t the kind of person who could have that beautiful car which served me well for years and then my family member I had given the car to when I bought my next Audi.

Don’t quit when times get tough. Look at how you can reach your finish point. Even when it seems impossible there is still a way. Faith is a requirement! Do you have a similar story to share? Please comment below. Imagine how your story can inspire someone else to stick with it just a little bit longer, to believe in themselves a little bit more.

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