How often do you have what seems like an awesome idea? I used to regularly get mine when I was out walking. My resolution to that was to record the idea on my phone but it seemed that it lost some of its shiny sparkle if I waited too long to get back to it. There are some possibilities as to why that may be. One of them is that the idea was meant for right then. It is my experience that when the time is right for something it will make itself aware right then when it is best to move into action.

Given you may not always be able to act in that very moment but when you are there is the opportunity to be part of something seemingly magical. Have you ever experienced that magical feeling and pondered everything that had to fall into perfect place for all to transpire just as it did? Was it amazing?

One of my all time favorite stories is when I was buying my first Audi. The signs were all around me. Audi’s were popping up left and right.

First, let me explain the basics that I lived in a small town with a population of less than 4,000 people and 1 stoplight that bordered another town with the same demographics. I usually walked a route that went through both towns.

On this particular day I walked to the gas station in the next town as I often would. While there a fleet of 19 brand new Audis pulled in to gas up. Can you imagine the excitement and joy I felt in that moment?

The story gets even more bizarre. These particular cars were so new they were not even available to the public yet! They were being used as some promotional event that Audi was involved with a few towns away.  Yet, they somehow made it to the same gas station as it me at the exact time that I was there!

What do you suppose the odds are of that?  What would have happened if I had left for my walk a half hour later or earlier?  When we are inspired to act timing is of the essence. Is it possible you may be letting amazing experiences pass you by because you put off or completely ignore impulses to act?

Don’t put off doing things because you don’t ‘want’ to at the moment. Do it because you feel the itch to do so. Many of us subdue that voice or inclination so often that it becomes harder and harder to recognize.

The promise is that you can reignite those senses just as easily by listening and acting.  Not everything will feel that magical but it may feel a little bit good. I’m thinking specifically of my urge to take out the garbage yesterday. I didn’t find money at the garbage can nor did I meet the love of my life there but I just felt better for having done it. Lest this sound too trivial I will share that every member of my household has the dreaded flu virus. Something as simple as washing dishes and going up and down stairs was exhausting! I could have put it off and had several reasons why it should have waited but the thought came to me and I did it. I felt relief at having it done.

The next time you follow through with an inclination when it occurs it could be something magical or it may just be the relief of having it done. Either way it’s a bonus for you!

I would love to hear your ‘magical’ stories. If you have a story after following through with an inner urging to act please share with me via email or  Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Procrastination is the thief of all time ~ Charles Dickens

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