Faith, it’s a necessity in life. When I speak of faith I’m not referring to the faith of religions. Everyone has faith to some degree or another. When you travel to the grocery store, your job, the movies, a restaurant, or any number of other places it’s with the faith that you will reach your destination and that the establishment will in fact be there.

You see we all have faith we just pick and choose what to have faith in. According to Google, Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. I’m sure you agree that there are some things you have complete trust or confidence in.

Faith can be equated to conviction. Interestingly enough we often see that our level of faith or doubt (if you are looking from the other side of the coin) is proven to us time and time again. How often have you said, I knew that was going to happen? It doesn’t matter if it’s a desired outcome or not. Expectations are drawn from our perception of the world and reflected back in the form of results. This is the power of your convictions! You may not be able to put them in words but your results are the clue. What ever you expect in the deepest recesses of your being will show up in your life via the easiest way possible.

Let’s look at that proverbial glass of water. The glass never changes whether you see it as being half full or half empty the glass remains the same. The more interesting question comes when we go a little deeper into. Who is more likely to get thirstier first, the person that believes they have a glass half full or the one that believes they have a half empty glass of water? It becomes somewhat easier to understand how belief or expectation would play a part in in the end result after pondering that for moment, doesn’t it?

Take some time today to ask yourself what you have faith in. How is that mirrored back to you? Is it indeed reflected back to you? If you can’t see it over and over again, what are you seeing?

When you are seeing something else there are incongruences within you. Getting clarity and choosing a new perception is a necessity if you want a different experience. It is that simple but simple and easy are not synonymous as they are often thought.

There are three basic ways in which we disclose our expectations to the world. Would it be helpful to you to know which messages of faith and expectations you are sending out there and how? Wouldn’t you be able to change your messaging system and offer something different? What would your results look like then?

I invite you to join me for a free webinar. Please click here to sign up.  Wednesday March 8th at 6 pm. I am also gifting live attendees with one of my own personal techniques. If the timing isn’t right for you this week email me at as I do have other dates and times for the Revealing Your Superhero webinar this month.

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