I often run into people who are greatly confused about the term Self-Empowerment. This even happens when I talk to other people in the self-help field. I am frequently shocked when I hear other mentors, coaches and consultants talk about how they empower a particular population.

I have at times been accused of being too literal. The one sure-fire way to disempower a woman is by telling her that you’ll give her the power to….. love more freely, stand up for herself, lead and or any variety of golden opportunities you will find provocatively listed under descriptions. When your power comes from me then without me you don’t have it.

Once upon a time, I too had found it difficult to describe. What I have become quite clear on is that I am offering the opportunity to discover one’s own power and give it a voice.

There is no doubt in my mind that when I work with a client I help the individual to discover what is already within the core of their own being. It may have been forgotten, is almost always mislabeled and frequently not recognized! The absolute truth is that you, like Dorothy, had the power all along. It NEVER comes from outside of you!

What does it take to unlock those magical powers? First and foremost is the need for awareness.  Each one of us is in a place of power countless times throughout the course of a day and so few actually realize that.

The next step is being able to recognize the scope of that power in any given situation. This is where experiential learning is potently beneficial. What better way to feel the edges than having your hand right on them and knowing for sure there is a stopping point? How better to gage that you have more wiggle room than to know the end is not yet in your reach?

One of the amazing aspects of these steps is the more you explore, test and practice the more powerful you become because of your awareness. Just as Dorothy transformed as she recognized her own strength and power so will those that accept the challenge to go on this journey of self-discovery.

If you’d like to understand the basics of discovering your power and utilizing it to transform your life I am offering a free webinar Revealing Your Superhero each week in the month of March. Here is this week’s link which is on Wednesday the 15th at 11 am EST. I am also offering to give attendees one of my own personal techniques to start the day by tapping into one of your most powerful resources.  I hope to ‘see’ you there. If you cant make this one be sure to ask how to sign up for one of the others available this month.

What are your thoughts on Self-Empowerment versus being empowered by someone? When do you feel most powerful? Please share in the comments section.

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