Sometimes we have to make the hard choices. We have to do the things that are uncomfortable. We have to force ourselves to do what we tell ourselves daily that we can’t do. Take a moment to really let that sink in.

Many people spend their lives living in the confines of limitation. It isn’t because they aren’t capable. It’s because they have told themselves they aren’t able for so long that they truly believe it. A belief is just a thought that is repeated over and over again. The frequency of a thought doesn’t make it true. It does however keep you in the same place. The longer you buy into your beliefs of limitation, the harder it is to break free.

The great news is that it isn’t impossible. It requires effort and discomfort to battle with the mind of limitation, but if one is willing to invest him or her self, it is possible to change the belief.

A couple of months ago I was speaking with a man, ‘Sean’, who told me that he couldn’t think more positively. I believe that there was a sliver of truth to his statement. He had convinced himself that he was incapable. I think what he really meant was that it’s hard. He has practiced this Murphy’s Law way of thinking for so long that he can’t imagine it any other way, so he doesn’t try anymore. What do you think he really meant by that?

Statements like the one from Sean are blanket and exaggerated considerably. Sean gave up, at least at that time. The difference in the thought, just like the words above, are leaving it open ended. What would be a more accurate statement? Sometimes we can just add one word to change the whole thought, and begin to lead ourselves to more possibility. YET. I can’t do __, yet.

Other options are to ask yourself, what is the truth about this statement? Is the truth that it’s difficult or takes a lot of effort for very little results? It may even be that there is comfort and familiarity in the limitation. It may sound ridiculous, but this level of certainty can be equivalent to contentment, even when it goes against everything you desire. Vast numbers of people fall into this trap with money. They don’t like where they are financially, but they believe that they are stuck because of their age, the economy, their profession, and/or employer.

What if instead of telling themselves the reasons why they are in the same predicament they began asking themselves, how can I change this? It may be that the first hundred, or maybe even thousand times, they ask the question their auto-responder (subconscious mind) replies with the usual you can’t or go back in time and choose a different career or schooling. The auto-responder can be quite sarcastic. How better to stop you right where you are standing? The truth is that persistence pays off. Keep at it. Ask new questions and be willing to see the answers when they show up. The answers are always there, but we can only see what we are open to seeing. Just going through the emotions is not enough.

How have you overcome limitations in your life? Did it take you a long time once you focused? Was it difficult? Are you currently battling with a limiting belief you’d lie to change? Will you consider sharing your triumphs and or your stumbling blocks below or you can privately email me, if you prefer, at Have a great week!

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