One thing people often forget in all of their ‘doings’ is that life is to be lived. Your life is an adventure! If you believe you only have one or thousands, it is yours to experience as you wish as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.

One of my favorite speakers tells a story of a relatively young woman, Audrey, who had been crippled with MS and in a nursing home away from her husband and children. She had an amazing attitude. Whenever she was asked how she was doing she would say, “Better than good and better than most.”

This was a woman that from the outside seemingly had little reason to live, let alone think she was doing better than most. Audrey lived in those moments of kindness and happiness that many people take for granted. She had an attitude of gratitude that just wouldn’t quit. She saw the good in her life. She looked for it! Because of whom she chose to be, a woman who loved life, she inspired many.

What would change in your life if you consciously chose to be happy and grateful today? It seems that people are generally focused on what they don’t have. How do we change that?

As I sit here writing, I look around the room, and I notice a picture of a friend and myself. It was taken on a trip to the Panama Canal. She and I first met on that trip. Over the years we’ve had so much fun. Even though I live in the USA and she lives in Holland, we still maintain a wonderful friendship.

Scanning the room further, I slow as my gaze falls upon one of my beautiful orchids still blooming. This kind of orchid is in bloom from two to six months, and this particular plant blooms 2-3 times a year. I am also inspired to make some changes to my office by way of straightening some shelves and dusting.

Nothing in the room has changed, but I could change the way I look at it. I may see an old picture of a fun trip I went on six years ago. I could see that I have to clean this room. I could realize that the orchid will be without blooms soon, because it’s been about three months already. How would that benefit me or anyone else?

The really interesting thing is that YOU feel better when you change your perspective. Les Brown’s Audrey was an amazing woman! It would have been easy to get caught up in her disease and misfortune, but instead she was able to hold onto the beauty of life. This is what garnered her the local celebrity status she had. It was her attitude that made her an inspiration to others. All of which also improved her life in the way of visitors, and I suspect, made her a favorite among the attending staff. Because she perceived life was good, it became better.

How are you looking at life? Can you improve your perspective? It may not be easy. It is simple though. Your perspective is a habitual way of looking at something. When you bring attention to it with the intention of changing it and take action to do so, your world begins to change.

How are you changing your experience of life? How does this improve your life? Do others around you benefit as well? Would you be willing to share some of your tips? Please comment below or message me privately if you prefer.

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