What Is Your Stopping Point?

At what point do you decide to put your desires on hold, to quit on your dreams. We all have a point where we are tempted to stop. For some it may be not feeling well, being tired or a situation that comes up and takes our time and our energy and sometimes money as...

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Being Mindful

Mindfulness became a buzzword a few years ago. One article I read in the Huffington post stated that 2014 was called the year of mindful living. My first introduction to mindfulness was through yoga practice. It was something I associated with awareness of my...

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Where’s the Bleeping Silver Lining?

On Christmas morning I was watching my grandson open his presents. He was so excited with each new present. He seemingly became more excited with each unwrapping. As he picked up one he must have pushed one of its buttons. It began to play one of his favorite theme...

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I lost a friend this weekend

I lost a friend this weekend. We’d had many wonderful experiences over the years that I knew him and his family. He was a man who in earlier years lived life to its fullest. He owned beautiful cars and motorcycles. He had an indescribably beautiful collection of...

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How Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

There are various things we desire to have in our lives. It may be a great relationship or a better job or more money. The ambitions change from person to person. What is your ‘thing’? What are you doing towards the attainment of it? Even more important, what are you...

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Am I Living To My Fullest Potential?

This is a question the majority of people rarely ask themselves. However, it is a question that can lead us to take the higher road and create a life filled with joy, more love and certainly a better quality of life. Living to your fullest potential means you are...

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