Your life doesn’t start tomorrow, next week or next year.

Don’t put off living it until then.

Begin living it fully right now in this moment.


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Lucinda is a gifted listener and an artful coach who not only has her client’s best interests at heart, but is able to see the person in front of her and who that person can be and provide accurate tools of how to get there. My experience with her has been a privilege and life changing in the best ways.

Natalie M

Yoga Instructor

I thank you from the depths of my soul; your guidance has transformed my life experience to one of gratitude and love. You guided me into the greatest healing of my life!! the healing of the broken relationship my mother and I shared.

Before your guidance my mother and I were emotionally and mentally tormenting one another…now we rejoice in each other’s presence. We love and appreciate each other more than ever!!!!!! Your guidance has healed us both through me. You have given my whole family a second chance at family love …as now my sisters, brothers, father and my son totally appreciate and indulge in the new loving relationship my mother and I share.  You have created within my family a ripple effect of pure unconditional  love!!!! Thank you endlessly! My heart and soul are forever filled with endless gratitude and appreciation for you and your life transforming work!

Mari M

Massage Therapist

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