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***Bring a guest to any January WSESG meeting at no additional charge.***
Your guest must be new to the group to qualify.

January 5th – Mindfulness- What does it mean and how to incorporate it into your daily life

Mindfulness has been a catchy phrase over the last several years. What does it really mean to be mindful and how can you incorporate it into your daily life?

According to research 47% of our days are spent on autopilot. We’ve all experienced those times when we get in our cars and suddenly find ourselves at the destination without much recall of the actual drive or find yourself absentmindedly munching on chips until you realize they’re gone. In a study from Harvard, when in a state of mindfulness people are generally happier. It seems to have little to do with what they are doing but more that they in a state of awareness while doing it.

In this session we’ll explore mindfulness. We’ll reveal different ways to be mindful in everyday living amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. If you have mindful practices please come to share them with our group. If you don’t have a practice, come find out how to incorporate one and increase your level of happiness.

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January 12th – Reclaiming Your Signature Sound, Your Voice with Deborah Ravenwood

Join author and wise woman, Deborah Ravenwood for an evening of discovery. Evoking passages from her memoir, Silence, Deborah shares her labor of love and courage coming full circle to acknowledge her boundless potential.

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Some of my previous events


December 15th – Claiming what you want in Life

Changing the job, the boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. usually only brings temporary relief because the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we deserve haven’t changed. Until change occurs on the inside individuals will continue to invite that same boss, coworker, partner, friend, etc. It will be business as usual after a short honeymoon period. The outside world will always reflect back to you your values and sense of worth.
What am I doing that continues to draw these unpleasant experiences to me? If I’m in control then I am responsible for XYZ wonderful things in my life. How do I do that again and again?
What do you want and how do you go about getting it? Tonight’s session will get you well on your way towards your goal.

December 8th – Confidence is Catchy! Come Catch Some With Us!

Many would agree that a lack of confidence is really everywhere today. We see a lot in the news and on social media about the obesity epidemic, the drug epidemic, the drinking epidemic on college campuses, the rape epidemic, the teenage pregnancy epidemic, the suicide epidemic, the divorce epidemic, the poverty epidemic, and on and on and on. In every single one of those problems… there is a direct link to the lack of confidence epidemic. Can you make the connection?
Facilitator Angel Johnstone

December 1st – Who Do You Think You Are?

Join us for this mini workshop. We all have certain preconceived notions of who we think we are, due to how we came to see ourselves growing up. We each have ideas about what is right and wrong based on our environment and those that raised us with their beliefs. Have you ever wondered how that has limited you. How has who you’ve decided to be been influenced by your past experiences? Come find out.
Facilitator Lucinda Smith

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