Your life doesn’t start tomorrow, next week or next year.

Don’t put off living it until then.

Begin living it fully right now in this moment.

Hi! I’m Lucinda!

I began coaching as part of my energy work in the late 90’s. The clients I worked with were responding so very well to the coaching that I eventually focused my practice on just coaching. My clients range from stay at home moms to finance executives and entrepreneurs. I’ve coached clients on issues from terminal illness issues to personal and business growth. Although I am not a business coach, nor do I represent myself as one, when you have personal growth all areas of your life expand and improve.

Rarely do people realize how brilliantly capable they are. It is that realization that opens doors to a life beyond their current expectations, as described here. While in the throes of anaphylactic shock for only the second time in my life. (The first time I was rushed to a nearby doctor to have the epipen administered just in time.) This time I had to talk myself out of dying. I had been stung by a bee in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was an hours airlift ride from the hospital with no available epipen or any other resources.

I decided right then and there I was not going to die. I wasn’t ready! With that steadfast knowing at the forefront of my mind I demanded my body to breath, swallow, slow my heartbeat, lower my blood pressure and focus my mind fully on living. Obviously, I was successful! Everyone, no matter what his or her previous experiences or beliefs has the capacity to do the same and beyond.

Individuals are so much more powerful than they’ve ever even imagined. Conceiving of that potential within is only the beginning but a monumental first step. Once aware of self as responsible for our own lives, we can begin to step into the creation of it fully.Lives begin to shift in major ways at this point.

The biggest limitation anyone faces is that of his or her own mind. You CAN do anything! It’s amazing to watch the transformation when each individual is introduce to the idea that they are powerful, so powerful, in fact, that each one of us has the ability to change our body chemistry with thoughts alone. Now imagine how your life would change if you were able to harness that power within you.

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Join me for a Discovery Session!

A discovery session is:
• A free 30 minute strategy session via phone or Skype
• You’ll be guided to uncover one or more blocks to your ideal life
• You’ll also explore “soulutions” to them


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