Working with a coach is an emotional journey

Let me show you how brilliantly capable you are…

Here is what I offer…

Private 1 on 1 Session Packages by phone or Skype

Life is full of possibilities, yet each individual can only see from their limited point of view. Who you comprehend yourself to be is only the faintest shadow of the life you are capable of experiencing. 

By recognizing just how powerful you truly are, you will be able to tap into that potential and begin to utilize it.

Our work together will broaden your perspective and allow you to access those unrecognized opportunities. You’ll not only conceive of a bigger and more fulfilling life, but create it consciously. 

We will uncover and realign the self- limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns that keep you from moving beyond where you are currently, for a transformation of body, mind, heart and spirit.

As a result of our work, you will have the opportunity to benefit in the following ways:


  • Expanded life view
  • Increased clarity
  • Improved awareness
  • Additional creativity
  • Feel inspired
  • Experience happiness and joy more frequently
  • Be motivated
  • Self-reliant

Each package includes 45 minute individual sessions and unlimited email for added support. My personal response time is within a 48 hour period.

3 month biweekly package  $997

3 month trimonthly package $1497

Group Programs & Workshops

Offer all of the same benefits listed under private sessions with the added bonus of:

  • Group/community support
  • Coaching partner
  • Learning through peer inquiries
  • Enhanced understanding
  • Increased comprehension

Please inquire for upcoming programs and workshop details. Check back frequently for calendar of events listing!
Each participant starts with a private 1 on 1 session (Included in the program pricing) for the purpose of establishing goals and priorities.

Creating Your Reality (available as an 8 week program or weekend workshop)

This group experience is designed to take you from your starting point through the barricades of perception to identification of self-imposed limitations, behaviors, strengths and inspirations to plan design and implementation.

We trouble shoot along the way as a mastermind group, supporting and assisting each other on the Journey through completion of your goal!

This is an amazing experience that is enhanced thoroughly by the intimately bonded tribe.

We are here for you! Use your newly acquired tools to reach your goals over and over again.

$497 or in 2 installments of $279.50 each

Add 1 to 1 private sessions during the group programs for added value and enhanced effectiveness

Group size 6 – 10 participants for remote sessions by Phone, Google plus or webinar.

*Workshops are available for 10 or more people

Join me for a Discovery Session!

A discovery session is:
• A free 30 minute strategy session via phone or Skype
• You’ll be guided to uncover one or more blocks to your ideal life
• You’ll also explore “soulutions” to them


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