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Nothing is more rewarding
than making an impact in peoples’ lives.

Lucinda is a gifted listener and an artful coach who not only has her client’s best interests at heart, but is able to see the person in front of her and who that person can be and provide accurate tools of how to get there. My experience with her has been a privilege and life changing in the best ways.

Natalie M

Yoga Instructor

This is Great! THANK YOU so much for all your help, support and guidance you continue to give me and  everyone else.With Love, Pam

Pam E

Real Estate Agent

Thank you for everything! I appreciate all of your time, your wonderful gifts and your willingness to help me.  I will continue to use all the the tools to better myself, remain positive and lead a much happier life,Love, Ann


Lucinda’s work is gentle, yet powerful. She guides you on the way to your own possibilities, all the while acknowledging, showing, and encouraging, that the power to change and transform is always within your own grasp and control. All it requires is that you reach out and choose it. There is nothing that you can’t change under her guidance. Nothing. Her work is her own and you can’t get it anywhere else. I am honored to be able to work with her.

Whitney C

Hospital Administration

I thank you from the depths of my soul; your guidance has transformed my life experience to one of gratitude and love. You guided me into the greatest healing of my life!! the healing of the broken relationship my mother and I shared.

Before your guidance my mother and I were emotionally and mentally tormenting one another…now we rejoice in each other’s presence. We love and appreciate each other more than ever!!!!!! Your guidance has healed us both through me. You have given my whole family a second chance at family love …as now my sisters, brothers, father and my son totally appreciate and indulge in the new loving relationship my mother and I share.  You have created within my family a ripple effect of pure unconditional  love!!!! Thank you endlessly! My heart and soul are forever filled with endless gratitude and appreciation for you and your life transforming work!

Mari M

Massage Therapist

I just attended my first  “Living Your Excellence Now” workshop. I was looking to restore peace and happiness. After injuring my knee almost a year ago, I was feeling very frustrated and negative after therapy and surgery didn’t solve the problem.  In the workshop, I was given some techniques to use and implemented them. Three days later, I went for a 4 mile walk…and my knee felt strong and capable! I received a follow up phone call from Lucinda a week later, and was happy to report that this workshop was exactly what I needed to change my attitude and get back to doing the things that would help me feel stress free and peaceful I would highly recommend attending a “Living Your Excellence Now” workshop if there is anything you would like to change to make your life happier.

Cindy T

Education Administration

My sessions with Lucinda have been helpful to me in many ways, such as I have cleared many blocks that I hadn’t realized were affecting me so much in my daily life. I have also developed a clearer

better understanding of my relationships and have been able to move forward on many fronts. I am amazed at how very helpful it has been in all aspects of my life and what a wonderful experience it has been.

Dee H,

Nursing Professional

Because what you are doing for me, for other’s that are open to listening to what you have to say and believe in it…what you are doing is a gift.  And it is a gift that you need to continue on sharing in any way that you can.I think of what you tell me often. I have made great strides since that day I left a voicemail on your machine asking about your program.  But I know I have so much more to learn.I think of your advice every, a few times a day. Every time I start to feel that old stress or anxiety or body hating mentality creeping up I stop myself and I replay our conversations in my mind to bring me back to “reality” and what amazing things can come of the moment I am in.

And I wanted to thank you.  You already know that you have changed my life helping me realize my ability in keeping the cancer from growing.  But this little thing….making this happen at TWO dealerships and the money for the car and all of it….I can see what you do. I see the value in what you do.  And I am telling you to never stop teaching it to other’s.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.So happy I brought you into my life!!!!

Rach G

Stay At Home Mom

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